Historic Commission push to make Engine Sealing of Group N cars compulsory by 2018

For your information
We received the following notification by email recently.

The historic Commission will include the requirement for engine measuring and sealing in the 2017 Group N regulations. There will be a phase in period with all cars expected to have engines measured (bore and stroke) and sealed by January 2018.

Your committee has submitted an email to oppose this change to our regulations. see below
Re: Group N Engine sealing
Hi Chris
Thanks for your email of the 21st June regarding engine measuring and sealing. After our committee meeting we came to the following thoughts and conclusions.

Firstly we believe the current situation concerning engine sealing (Self-managed and policed. The system already exists if a competitor wants to protest through CAMS and then a competitors engine is requested to be inspected and sealed) should remain.

We think any change to the current system may have a negative impact on attracting new competitors to our sport, by placing another level of compliance and cost on top of what currently applies.

We are not sure why mid-pack and back of grid cars should have to comply if they are no threat to the podium or a lap record. Remember this is a non-prize money, have fun and enjoy sport and we don’t need another layer of bureaucracy to spoil it for the majority of competitors.

Secondly, for the sake of peace of mind, perhaps all the front running cars and potential lap record breakers, should have their engines inspected and sealed as a matter of course.
This could be done on a voluntary basis and then the masses would not have to go through another layer of compliance for no real benefit.

Stay tuned and we will keep you in the loop re any more details.

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