2019 Driver of the Year (D.O.T.Y.)

See the Previous Driver of the Year Results page for results from previous years.

For results see

1K BurtonNcA30340326030001266
2B MunnsNcC300402100196998
3A SmithNcA217395298910
4E Gobell*NbB500296796
5M BlyfieldNcC60301252613
6J AxfordNcD300302602
7K DavisNcD300298598
8G DavisNcD300289589
9R SmithNcC252240492
10J ArmstrongNbF180300480
11Ian Pringle*NbF120300420
12D Costelloe*NbB39720417
13Stuart Barnes*NbE199216415
14G PfitznerNcC397397
15S Nenasheff*NbF31912331
16J Elvins*NbF30020320
17R O'NeillNcD300300
18P Atkins*NbE296296
19N OatwayNcA291291
20C Cotton*NbF218218
21R Ford*NbF6060
22G JarrettNcA1919

Eligible Serge De Luca Cup Drivers are highlighted with *. Only Nb cars, Pre ’65 are eligible for this award.

For 2019 full points will be allocated to the following SA Race Meetings

  • E1 – State Rnd 1 Mallala 16th Feb
  • E2 – Anzac Historics Mallala 27th 28th April
  • E3 – State Rnd 2 The Bend 29th 30th June
  • E4 – State Rnd 3 Mallala 3rd 4th August
  • E5 – V8 Supercars Tailem Bend 23rd 25th August 
  • E6 – State Hillclimb Championship Collingrove October
  • E7 – State Rnd 4 The Bend 14th 15th September
  • E8 – State Rnd 5 Mallala 9th November

For 2019  60% of points will be allocated to the following Interstate National Race Meetings

  • I1 – Phillip Island Historics March
  • I2 – Bathurst Easter April
  • I3 – Winton Historic May
  • I4 – Baskerville Historics September
  • I5 – Muscle Car Masters October
  • I6 – Sandown Historics November


Driver of the Year (DOTY) points are calculated according to the following criteria:

  • Only South Australian cars and financial members will be included when the points for any event are calculated, however only financial members will be awarded points and therefore be eligible for the DOTY award.
  • Drivers will be given to the 31st of March in a given year to become financial. Once financial, points earned in the beginning of the year will then be back-dated and included in the DOTY. Points will not be back dated if membership is paid after the 31st of March.
  • The DOTY will be calculated using results from all nominated interstate and local events.
  • Interstate races will be awarded 60% of local races, that is each race contested will score the competitor 60 points for finishing the race, no matter the position.
  • Each Hill-climb event will score the same as a single race, 100 points
  • 20% of points are awarded for a DNF.
  • Assessment period to be within calendar year, Jan – Dec.
  • For events where online results may not be available, an entry list with times/positions shall be submitted.


Points are awarded based on a two stage formula.
Initial points are awarded based on outright position.

Outright Pos.Points
and so on996

The outright points are then multiplied by a percentage based on the the finishing position within the class.
The event points are divided by 10 and reported in the table above.

No. of starters1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th

The above table if calculated by 101-((‘class position’*2)-‘total cars in class’)

The Serge De Luca Cup

The Serge De Luca Cup will be awarded to the Driver who has scored the greatest number of “Driver of the Year” DOTY points during the calendar year whilst driving an Nb car (pre 1965)