Historic Commission push to make Engine Sealing of Group N cars compulsory by 2018

For your information We received the following notification by email recently. The historic Commission will include the requirement for engine measuring and sealing in the 2017 Group N regulations. There will be a phase in period with all cars expected to have engines measured (bore and stroke) and sealed by January 2018. Your committee has submitted an email to oppose this change to our regulations. see below Re: Group N Engine sealing Hi Chris Thanks for your email of the 21st June regarding engine [...]

Winton Festival of Speed 2016.

The Winton Festival of Speed will be held again this year on the long track over the weekend of 6th and 7th of August. For those interested there will be a 20 lap race for Historic Touring cars with a pit stop providing they get the necessary numbers so if your interested look out for entries when they come out.

Club Meeting 11/4/16

Now for all you members and guests Monday (thats right tonight) 11/4/16 is Meeting night at the SCC for 7.30 start. Join us at 6.30pm at the Cremorne for a meal beforehand if you want. See you all there for a wrap up on Phillip Island, the latest on the Anzac meeting in a couple of weeks and the AMF later in the year